What are the big differences between ServiceNow and BMC Remedy?

What are the big differences between ServiceNow and BMC Remedy?

Servicenow Vs BMC Remedy

Applying the right service management Remedy has a measurable impact on the efficiency of your
employees, processes, and systems. ServiceNow and BMC both offer well-known ITSM services. Like BMC, ServiceNow provides important resources for asset management, service desk support, and process automation, and the convenience of a cloud-based Remedy. However, there is much more to consider in source choice.


Below we have detailed Difference between Servicenow and BMC remedy with some side-by-side comparisons to help you assess ServiceNow and BMC Remedy better. Both systems offer effective promotions that take different techniques for improving IT.


User Experience & Upgrades :

ServiceNow is an automation platform that needs a relatively small amount of configuration to get up and operating which is central to their assumption. ServiceNow’s platform is extremely user-friendly but does require a studying bend for newbies who aren’t acquainted with DevOps. Designed as a single cloud platform, ServiceNow also provides easy and computerized improvements. BMC also provides frequent updates on its releases which can be found on its website but needs its clients to be responsible for finding and improving their software. Extra expenses are also required by users to pay for integrations and custom remaking with other systems for the newer versions.


Configuration & Accessibility :

ServiceNow allows its clients to have the freedom of adapting the platform to their particular needs with simple configuration tools on-demand. The changes can be applied immediately. On the other hand, from the BMC Change Advisory Board BMC Remedy needs prior approval to carry out most on-demand configuration requests for the changes to take the impact.

Third-Party Integrations :


On its portfolio BMC Remedy doesnt list any third-party integrations or officially allow. However, many providers, such as VMware and cisco, allow us integrations for it, which can be included with cost. ServiceNow’s system has been built for the convenience of integrations and definitely motivates such within its areas.

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