Servicenow Interview Question and Answers

Ready to face interview for Service Now Development? Do not worry, we are here to help you with job interview preparation. If you are preparing Service Now Development interview and not sure which questions are likely asked in interview, we suggest you to go through Dettifossit interview questions and answers page to crack your job interview. Service Now Development is the tool for developers which provides resources to create applications. Using the resources, one can learn, build and deploy applications. Service now management is where the incidents created for applications are managed. Strong technical skills are needed as there is huge competition. Below is the list of frequently asked Service Now Development job interview questions and answers which gets you ready to face the interviews:

1) What is Service Now?
Mr. Srinivas Service now is a cloud based ITSM tool. Which is used to automate your business process and provides a best service to customer all aspects of IT Services can potentially live in the Service Now ecosystem of modules, This allows for broad control of how to best allocate resources and design the process flow of those services.

2) Base or parent tables
1. Task table (task)
2. Configuration item (cmdb_ci)
3. Users (sys_user)
4. Groups (sys_user_group)

Child tables
Incident, Problem, Change Computer (ci_computer), Server (ci_server)

3) Types of change
Normal change :Its normal change generally when developer want to make some changes, need CAB approval

Standard Change :(Frequently) Not required any CAB approval before make a change, its pre-approved cause of frequently doing the same kind of change

Emergency Change:When customer raise emergency request then respective developer needs to be implementing the changes immediately (with CAB Approval)

4) Tell me your experience with Service-Now?
Earlier my client was using BMC remedy tool; then they have decided migrate to ServiceNow, so they have given training me on Service-Now. Initially my career was starts with just administration part but later I got a chance to working with other areas like in Contact: 91-9885050475 

5) Could you please tell me what all you have done in Service-Now?
I am involved in all kind of activities from basic administration to advanced scripting and customization. I have contributed my work in Incident, Problem, Change, SRM, Service Catalog and Asset and Configuration Management, Knowledge management, Discovery, Performance analytics areas. Recently I have started working on service Portal.

6) What is Incident?
Something is broken into your application or un expected interruption in your business application is called incident

7) What is Problem?
When incidents are occurring similar kind of issues from multiple peoples or same category we can consider as problem ticket. Based on ticket trend analysis we can able to create problem ticket Then we can correct order for that so we can find root cause analysis need to be fixed the issue permanently.

8) Tell me about your work in incident management?
I have implemented lots of the changes of the forms using for layout and form design, created different kind of fields like reference field, choice field, string field, Data and Time, Calculated fields. Also I have worked on server side scripting like business rules and client side scripts like client scripts and applied UI policy, Data Policy, applying ACL rules to restrict users. I have also designed the email templates for email notifications, and also triggering the notifications when the conditions are matched.

9) What do know about problem management in service-now?
Repetitive incidents will be logged as a problem ticket; technically I have done the same stuff which I have done for the incident management like business rules, client scripts, ui actions, ui policies, notifications.

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