One To One Training

One To One Training

ONE TO ONE TRAINING - A UNIQUE METHOD TO TRAIN ... It's the new One-to-One Training, which makes the learning process for students much easier. This type of training denotes that you will have a personal IT coach for the entire period of the course.

Effective training must be individualized and attended according to your needs. And if, in addition, you are looking for a more personal face-to-face approach for the best understanding of the subject, choose to take the One-to-One training.

This individual training should not be confused with tutoring or mentoring, because mentoring is really a support and orientation that is offered for self-learning.

On the other hand, the one-to-one method is in fact a teaching directed by an instructor in which the teacher is present in the place all the time. It is classroom teaching instead of not self-learning.

It can be carried out in an extremely private method that reduces, if not eliminated, embarrassment or undesirable exposure.

One to One Training

The design and delivery of an individual training session requires all group delivery skills and an adaptive approach to ensure that your evaluation is successful. This course covers the personalized approach you must take to ensure that the training cycle is applied to match the required behavioral outcome of your person.

Advantages :

The student has the exclusive attention of the teacher. This means more opportunities to participate in real communication, more comments and a better understanding of the student's needs.

The learner often has more control over the objectives of the class, the pace and the materials.

The student has more opportunities to use the teacher as a resource: ask questions, see language models and practice skills.

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