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In enterprise service management ServiceNow is a platform as a service (PaaS) provider. It is used worldwide to maintain and mechanize the work flow, and remove dependencies on e-mail and spread sheets. ServiceNow is not limited to any, and it offers its services to all the departments in an organization like HR, IT, infrastructure etc.,

Worldwide Demand of ServiceNow trained professionals makes enjoying an incredible opportunity of professional careers.

This ServiceNow training in Hyderabad and ServiceNow Online Training course is designed to train the students with experience of the ServiceNow Tool from the end user, support team member, administrator and developer's perspective.

This ServiceNow training implements underlying architecture, technical components, implementation planning ideas, and the necessary tasks for a ServiceNow.

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DettifossIT offers 100% placement Guaranteed program for deserving students.

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Module-1: Cloud Computing Basics

What is Cloud?

Private and Public Cloud

What is Sass and Pass 

Module-2: Introduction to ITIL

What is ITIL

Introduction to ITIL foundation

Benefits of ITIL standards

ITIL Approaches

Roles and responsibility of IT Help desk

Modules in ITIL 

Module-3: Service Now Overview and Introduction

Overview Of ITSM

Introduction of Service Now

What is Service Now?

Why and who can use Service Now

History of Service Now

Service Now Features

Service Now Objectives

Service Now Lifecycle

Architecture of Service Now

Service Now Market Trends

Prerequisites for Service Now

Agile Methodology

Navigation and users

Helpful portals, releases 

Module-4: Account creation and UI components

How to create a development account in service now

Requesting for instance

Difference between UI 15 and UI16 

User interface all features 

Module- 5: Forms and List

What is form & Records?

Form Header and Fields

Configuring & Personalizing forms

Difference between Forms and Lists

Filter and Search conditions in lists

Condition Builder

Context Menus

Personalizing and Customizing Lists 

Module-6: Plugins

What is plugin?

Predefined plugins installed in service now

Activing plugins


ITOM plugins

Module-7: Tables and Field and Columns

What is table?

Out of the box Tables

Extended table and referenced tables

Schema Map

Creating custom table 

Module-8: Core Configuration of Service Now Forms and Lists

Forms and Lists

Designing form and Lists

Customization and Personalization

Different ways in filter condition

Creating and removing the sections

Creating fields

Create, design, and customize forms

Add/Remove fields from forms and tables 

Write, test, and debug client-side scripts for desktop and mobile

Write, test, and debug server-side scripts 

Module-9: User Administration

Creating users and groups and roles

Configure User Accounts

Assign roles to users and assign them to groups


Module-10: Introduction to Knowledge

Introduction to knowledge

Creating Knowledge articles

Importing them into service now

Review and Publishing articles

Retire the articles

Module-11: Service Catalog

What is Service Catalog

Create Service Catalogs

Create Categories

Create Catalog Item

Types of Variables

Create Variable and Variable Sets

Creating Variable Attributes

Working with Refference Qualifier

Creation of Order Guides

Creation of Record Producers

Workflow Administration

Execution Plans

Perform workflow activities and administration

Catalog UI policy 

Module-12: Import Sets

What are import sets?

Load the data

Create the transform map

Transform map Scripting

Fields mapping assist Run transform 

Coalesec key

Multiple Coalesce

Data importing into sys_user table

Working with JDBC 

Module-13: System Upgrades

Introduction to system upgrades

View upgrade history and status

Best practices

Homepage administration

System Administration Best Practices 

Module-14: Create SLA & Schedule

SLA and OLA and UP

SLA Definitions

SLA Properties

Attach SLA to tasks

Tpes of SLA

Data Lookup Tables

Working With SLA Start,Stop,Pause

Working With Retroactive Start and Pause 

Module-15: Events and Notifications and Scheduled Jobs

How to register the events

Types of notification

Send notifications

Email notification and SMS

Introduction to scheduled jobs

Scheduled Job log

Send Notification through business Rules

Scheduled reports

Module-16: Access Control List

What is ACL?

Creating ACL Rules

Create Read, Write and Create ACL on table and field level

Debug ACLS

Write ACL Scripts

Concept of privileged system admin 

Module-17: working with Reporting

Create the reports

Scheduling reports

Bar charts

Pie Charts


Advanced reporting features 

Module-18: Configuring Dictionary

Creating Fields and lables

Working with dictionary record 

Module-19: SDLC & Agile Methodology

What is Agile?

What scrum and Sprints

How to create story and assigned to Developers 

Module-20: Applications are covered

Incident Management

Problem Management

Change Management

Knowlodge base

Release management

Aglie Management

Self Service Application

Service Catalog

Asset Management

Configuration Management

Development Course Overview
Module-1: Glide Objects

Glide Record and Methods

Glide Form and Methods

Glide System and Methods

Glide User and Methods

Glide Aggregation

Glide Date and Time

Glide Ajax

Module-2: Update Sets and Cloning Instances

Create update

Merge Update sets

Review and Committing update sets

Export and Imort update sets

Remove Update Sets

Move changes Dev instance to Test instance

Cloning Instance

Module-3: Core Configuration

Create and modify UI Policies

Client Scripts

Business Rules

Script Includes

UI Actions

Data Policy

Create events and configure email notifications

Set up Access Control Rules 

Module-4: Customizing Homepage

Creating Gauges

Define CSS properties, UI Properties

Change visibility of Homepage and banner

Determine if an application is a good fit with Service Now

Design and implement a data model

Create modules

Create mobile versions of applications

Use Application Scope

Module-5: Workflow Activities

What is Workflow? 

Workflow Editor

How to create a new workflow

Modifying Existing workflow

Checkout and Publishing workflow

Core Activities - Working with Activities

Copying existing one and create new one 

Module- 6: Security and Restricting Access

Restrict access to applications and application modules

Automatically create application Access Controls

Manually create, test, and debug Access Controls

Use Glide System methods to script security

Use Application Scope to protect application artifacts 

Module -7: Application Automation

Write, test, and debug Workflow

Implement and use Document Feeds

Create and use Application Properties

Create Events, Scheduled Script Executions (Scheduled Jobs), and Utils (application) Script Includes

Send and receive email and Design and create Homepages and reports

Module- 8: – Working with External Data

Import data in CSV or Excel format

Integrate to, including testing and debugging, an external data source using SOAP 

Integrate to, including testing and debugging, an external data source using REST 

Module-1: Rest and SOAP Integration

What REST?

What is API

Types Of Rest API in Service Now

Table API

Email API 

Module-2: CMDB integration

What is CMDB?

Overview of CMDB

What is CI

How to configure the items in CMDB 

Module-3: LDAP Integration with Active Directory
Implementation (with Real Time Project)

Creating Scope Application

Creating Modules

Module Link Types

Creting Scope Tables

Implementing UI policys,UI Actions, Business Rules, Data policys,Script Include, Client Scripts

Applying Import Sets

Using Update Sets

Creating Workflow

Scheduling Jobs

Creating Reports

Scheduling Reports

Sending Notifications

Exporting the service Now data into Different file formats

ITOM (Operation Management) Optional

Midserver Creation and Configuration

Service Mapping

Event Management



Cloud Management

Performance Analytics

Service Portal (Optional)

What is Service Portal

Service Portal Overview

Widgets Portal Pages

Scripting in Widgets


Configurations of widgets

Configuration of Pages 

Other Activities

 Documentation for chapters wise

Case Studies

Real Time Project Exaplanation

Resume Preparation

Interview Quid lines

Interview Preparation

interview Questions and Documentations

Job Support

Freelancer Projects

Mock Tests

Personal Skills Development 

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